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The Cathedral Vidya School (International School Pune) Alumni Re Union took place during our Annual fest SPANDAN. A Football match was played between the current students and Alumni. We were delighted that this year’s reunion had the best turn out ever, Alumni and guests in attendance. There were Alumni from as far as USA and UK who came especially to celebrate SPANDAN.

We hope to have more such connections as we grow and also forge mentoring by Alumni and current Graduating classes of International Boarding School Pune to make their transition into university life as seamless as we can.


Coming back to the Alma mater is a thrill that cannot be explained. Here are some photos that speak for themselves.

It was such a treat for us to have Aryan Gupta, Ajinkya Mukherji, Utkarsh Sanghvi, Arya Advani, Aditya Pathak,Siddharth Gadiya, Ria Mutha, Kayra D’cunha, Kaizan Punawal, Kundan Singh,Pratham Garodia, Sunil Pingle, Varun Ambani, Viral Shah, Akash Thankur.CATHEDRAL RE~ WIRED , the Alumni Association of Cathedral Vidya School , this was just an impromptu visit and we loved it !Turned out to be a day of reliving ‘ Those Good Old Days ‘ and building lasting connections for times to come .

Welcome Back ……

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