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"],["Rewa Phintso","10 icse","rinchen1964.rt@gmail.com","9819173483","When is the admission for the 11th ? \nFees ?"],["Neel Jaiswal ","Viii","djngp9@gmail.com","9373404041","Do you also have IGCSE curriculum "],["Akash Bhagat","c","nazz3491@gmail.com","9821370683","About hostel and school fees and installments "],["Utkarsh Singh","11","anjus47@gmail.com","8879301796","*Admission\n*fee structure\n*cut off list "],["Ishita Agrawal ","11th","kamalrippl@gmail.com","9425250016","Summer program for high school students @ admission for class 11 th "],["Bhakti","Female ","ujjwalagodambe80@gmail.com","8767255903","I want to do my two daughters admission in u r school. Plz give me details. "],["Poonam","6 th class","s.poonam29@gmail.com","9978430878","Information abt fees structure nd full information "],["Poonam","6 th class","s.poonam29@gmail.com","9978430878","Information abt fees structure nd full information "],["ANWESH biswas","11&12","baas0109@rediffmail.com","9967900754","I want admission in you institution.i would be happy if you provide me the below requirement\n1)fees structure (hostel included)\n2) admission process\n3)last years cutoff\n4)you requirements to grant admission\n5)boards available (SSC"],["Komal ","VII","komalpshetty@gmail.com","9820375020","I am interested in admissions from academic year 2017-18. \n\nCurrently I am in US. Will be back on Monday 15th May."],["parshiv patel","4","nehasworld@gmail.com","8390226622","entrance exam for grade 4th"],["Rizwan","5","ruh.ruh04@gmail.com","07568326287","For fees"],["Keith Hyman","Class XI","jen.abu35@gmail.com","","Hi"],["Mohan das Manglani","11th","mohannamaskar@Gmail.com","9415102028","Admission in class 11"],["Jashin Pillay ","10","saraniesha@gmail.com","","Good day "],["Pragnesh","XI","pragneshz@gmail.com","","My wife and I are interested in putting my daughter into the school from the 11 the standard "],["dhruvi sancheti","1o","ravisancheti111@rediffmail.com","9892156111","admission for grade 11 f0r the year 2017-2018"],["Palak jain","11","palakjain9890@gmail.com","9833837370","Wanted to enquire about the admission process for the new session of class 11th commerce section and the cut off for the school."],["dipika jain","10 th","jdipika155@gmail.com","9324772558","admission for eleventh standard\n"],["a k singh","6","aksinghccourt@gmail.com","9031369216","Fee details"],["Dhruvi sancheti","11","ravisancheti111@rediffmail.com","9892156111","Admission for standard 11 "],["Pranita Santosh kamble ","8th ","kamblesantoshps38@gmail.com","7276555112","Cbsc"],["Rasila patel","Xl","rasila9@gmail.com","9819195232","Require admission in Xl for my son veeraj patel "],["Shreenath Shinde","10","shreeshinde.1889@gmail.com","8422045555","Hello"],["Mayur Damania","6","mayuraqua@yahoo.co.in","9833300267","Admission available?"],["Aarushi agrawal","Grade 5","seema_wisdom2005@yahoo.com","+6285814853588","Dear sir"],["Sahil ","10th","sahilkamat1@gmail.com","8652007880","Admission "],["Saloni karkera","7th","salonikarkera9@gmail.com","8879763756","Admissions"],["Jovita kothari ","11th ","jovita.kk2001@gmail.com","9923650950","My daughter has passed out from St. Mary's school"],["Krishna Rokade","11","krokade9@gmail.com","9167947108","New Admission"],["Sabrinna Lobo","VIII","sunita.lobo4@gmail.com","9820591932","Admission for 2017-18"],["SIMRAN TULSIANI","11TH","diwantulsiani@yahoo.com","9879199345","Admission "],["Mayur","6th","mayur@aesthetics.org.in","9833300267","Looking for admission for my daughter promoted to grade 6"],["kaustubh kadam","11","krkadam21@gmail.com","7588454191","there is arts faculty in your college for class 11"],["Jenisha sunil shah","For grade 8","rajni601@hotmail.com","9920289988","When can i visit the campus"],["Neha B. Ade","9","nehaade183@gmail.com","9175469359","Work is Workship\n"],["AvinashA","4th","avinashgaikwad2010@gmail.com","8390901730","Addmision for 4th std "],["Madhurima Chaudhury","M.com"," CS Executive Level.","madhurimachaudhury5@gmail.com","9764707898"],["Ramkishan sahu","4th","sahuramki24@gmail.com","8779720818","Hello i wont to admit my son in your school can you send complite detail including fee strcture \n\nThanks"],["Madhavi ","6th","naikmadhavinaik@gmail.com","9550808574","Need details of fee and admission. "],["vinod jadhav","art teacher","vinodjadhav1103@gmail.com","9970843090","I am vinod jadhav"],["VB Tewari","9th","callmebhushan@gmail.com","8739945021","Admission query with procedure and fee structure"],["Nishita","11th","mbk@rahulcable.com","9822022556","Wanted to know more about the school..\nThanks"],["Deval shah ","6th","devaljhaveri@gmail.com","9824055192","Hi please send the fees structure "],["sahil Sunil Garela ","10th ","sunilgarela@yahoo.com","9970405030","we are looking for a new admission in boarding for my son in Grade 10th for Cambridge university. he is studying in gurukul international school loni kalbhor punr"],["Ayushi dhabalia ","11","artidhabalia@yahoo.com","9004112086","Want to know bout the school n admission procedure "],["Balbir Singh","No","sbalbir798@gmail.com","08743882913","Respected Sir\/Madam\nI request you to send me your email address for receiving the job application.\nWith regards\nBalbir Singh"],["Aditya Chandalia","11","rajeev81@hotmail.com","9322236873","Admission for the year 2018-19"],["Bhavin Shah","4","bhawinshah731@gmail.com","8652230993","My son is in grade 3 and would complete 9 yrs in August 2017. He is now in I C S C curriculum . We wish to enroll him from grade 4 in your school. He has L D H D. Please let me know if you can work with such cases"],["Kanish Shah ","8th","pooja.amit.shah@gmail.com","9673879027","Please let me know the procedure if wish to tour the school. "],["Tanish vora ","11","tanishvora@gmail.com","9769934699","Nun"],["Piyali Paik","Std 4","piyalihp@yahoo.com","8552809733","I would like to know the fees for std 4. Looking for my son for nxt academic year. What is the office timing if I would like to get the information face to face and see the campus."],["Kanchan ","2","kanchu1980@hotmail.com","9820212375"," Admission process for the next year"],["Sanah","Grade 8","harmeet.anand@gmail.com","9867391201","Our daughter is in Grade 8 IB school in Mumbai"],["Rosy","XI","rosydney11@gmail.com","7030052525","Admission for 11th Standard "],["Arohiashutosh kutaskar ","Seventh","315ashutosh@gmail.com","8828345820","Admission for boarding and schooling for class seventh... Girl child... "],["Urvashi Palyekar ","9","urvashipalyekar17@gmail.com","8888179777","Does my child have to give a entrance exam? \nCan we get a schedule of a day?"],["fuckyourschool","it a bad school every","555@hotmail.com","9999999","i hate your school"],["Meenakshi ","11","meenakshikgaur@gmail.com","8866889902","Enquire regarding the admission for my son for grade 11th and further also want to know the fees structure \n\nThanks \nRegards \nMeenakshi "],["Narayani","1","ndgeminie024@gmail.com","9922468347","Admission for grade1 in lonavla"],["Amrin ","11","amryn_vamp98@yahoo.com","9082367742","Are admissions open for international students? "],["Akshata Arora ","IBDP-2 ","akshataarora00@gmail.com","+971566777505","Hello"],["Afrin Jamal","10","shaikhafryn12@gmail.com","+8801732978620","Is admission going on for class 10? "],["Rajveer ","11","ajayganeshwala@gmail.com","9825110082","Fees structure "],["Vishal Tripathi","10","vishaltripathi452@gmail.com","+917378758861","Greeting!\nI am interested in admission at your school for higher level studies(IB) and wanted to know whether admissions are still available. \n\nKind Regards"],["Ashishkumar Yesankar ","V","yesankarashish@rediffmail.com","0096892022183","I am looking for residential school for my child - Ayushkumar Yesankar for class-V for year 2018-19. \r\nAt present he is studying in Oman. \r\nPlease send me details regarding admission process. \r\nThanks"],["Neetu kanunga","4","nkanunga@gmail.com","9869720143","Want to fees of school n hostel accommodation for grade 4 "],["Vishnu Patane-","VI","vishnupatane@gmail.com","8575653616","Madam\nI am an Indian Army Soldier i think your school is so Good and it's Good\nBut your school fees is so higher and i can't adjust in my salary so sorry\nI hope you will understand my problem\nThanks\nI am serving in National Defense Academy"],["Jaya Bhatia","Grade 11","jaya6503@gmail.com","9820814142","Admissions for grade 11\nIB"],["Neele Ujrekar","XI","neelenash@gmail.com","9892697191","Admissions for 2017-2018 and the fee structure"],["Manoj Raimalani","9","karinajewellers@hotmail.com","7045379545","My daughter is studying in MIT VISHWASHANTI GURUKUL PUNE.. she is in Grade 8 now"],["RAJIB MUKHERJEE","IX","rajib.mukherjee.07@gmail.com","09769978401","Would be very keen to hear from you. Looking for my daughter's admission to class IX science -IGCSE. She is currently studying CIE at Podar intl school in powai standard VIII\n\nBEST"],["test","LKG","test.lkg@gmail.com","7894567895","test admission."],["Sahil Kale","10","saipro.manishakale@gmail.com","9921009921","Wanted the fee structure for STD 10 regular boarding and weekday boarding"],["farah tafty","26 1985 ","farahtafty@gamil.com","9820765818","Company latter "],["Shivam sharma","8","payashmintu@gmail.com","8638230845","What is the fee structure"],["Sabrina Suri","6th","sabrinabhat@yahoo.com","9920538085","Need to know the fees structure "],["NEHA GARG","6","yagyagarg27@yahoo.com","9833208648","PLS SEND ADMISSION DETAILS "],["NEHA GARG","6","yagyagarg27@yahoo.com","9833208648","PLS SEND ADMISSION DETAILS "],["NEHA GARG","6","yagyagarg27@yahoo.com","9833208648","PLS SEND ADMISSION DETAILS "],["NEHA GARG","6","yagyagarg27@yahoo.com","9833208648","PLS SEND ADMISSION DETAILS "],["Mayura Sharma","V","m.d1998@gmail.com","9920442911","We are interested to know the admission procedure for our daughter in 5th std in the academic year 18-19."],["Mathew Kuruvilla","11 and 12 IBDP","kuruvilla_mm@yahoo.co.on","9870345955","Kindly send us fee structure and admission prerequisites for 11 grade in 2018 and 12th grade in 2019.Thank you"],["Bharti Sanghani","Age 12 ","bhartipremji@hotmail.com","9109867851519","I would be interested in finding out the price for boarding and if you do termly or weekly boarding. \nPlease could you email this information to as well as information regarding any open days"],["ANIMESH JAIN","8","animesh.jain@mkttech.in","8369998543","I am seeking admission for my son Aadesh Jain in CLASS 8 for the Academic Year 2018-2019. \nCan you please inform me as to when I can apply"],["Kushaal","VI","pras.sangu22@gmail.com","8879635601","A"],["Juliet Dsouza ","8","julietdxb@yahoo.co.uk","","I would like to apply for my son's admission. He is currently in Grade 7 CBSE. Could you kindly provide me more details on fees"],["Muskan Kejriwal","11","muskankejriwal97@gmail.cm","9967977311","When is the admission interview\/test \nWhat are the admission procedures for the year 2018-2019"],["Urav Sachin Shah ","8th ","vaish2607@hotmail.com","9930011223","Looking for the procedure for the admission in 8 the grade "],["Binod khandelwal","4th","alcot.sales@gmail.com","09223381381","My grand son is studying at vibguore in 4 std"],["Purab rajwani","8th","mistryprasad@gmail.com","8329418239","Want to know the school contact number to get an appointment regarding admission process and hostel facility for my small brother..."],["TANAYA VILAS MULE","VII","mule.vilas@gmail.com","9920187924","We want to seek the Admission for our Daughter TANAYA to Std VIII for the Academic Year 2018-19"],["Trupti. Gada","V","rajeshgada77@gmail.com","9769965863","Information about board"],["Esther Ndeshipanda Elifas","12","ndeshiesther@gmail.com","0814999555","will I be accepted if I did my grade in the year 2016"],["firoza loladia","1st std","firoza419@yahoo.com","9920733008","Looking for admission for my 6yrs child"],["firoza loladia","1st std","firoza419@yahoo.com","9920733008","Looking for admission for my 6yrs child"],["Sonia mascarenhas","11th","sandrampune@gmail.com","96891742917","I am Sandra mascarenhas and my daughter Sonia Mascarenhas was studying in Indian School Oman"],["Darsh Jha","XI IBDP 1","cnjha70@gmail.com","9819788848","we are seeking admission in your school for Grade XI IBD 1. We request you to kindly let us know the procedure for admission"],["Darsh Jha","XI IBDP 1","cnjha70@gmail.com","9819788848","we are seeking admission in your school for Grade XI IBD 1. We request you to kindly let us know the procedure for admission"],["Himanshu Pandey ","IV ","rakeshpandey584@gmail.com","9922675785","Admission for fifth class with boarding "],["Jebin Jose","10","contact@mitkatadvisory.com","8291093024","Is your school safe and Secure?\n\nMultiple violent incidents at schools have drawn a sharp attention to the aspect of security and safety in schools. Threats that the schools and students face are varied and complex"],["Priyanka ekka","Jr KG","ratnapriyanka@gmail.com","7387900218","When does the admission process starts for the academic year 2018"],["Prachin Ghamray ","5th ","prachin.g@gmail.com","9820998679","I need admission for my daughter "]]