CIMUN-“Here for tomorrow”

Take the initiative, make the difference

The Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala

A unification of student centered learning that promotes academic excellence with world class sports facilities, innumerable extra-curricular activities, and contemporary learning approaches, teaches you not only to make a living but how to live. An affiliate of the well-respected – Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, scenically located in the lush 40 – acre campus of Lonavala,the Cathedral Vidya School, one of the Top IB Boarding Schools in Pune offers exposure to students in the fields of music, dance, arts, and crafts collectively. Unquestionably education remains the fundamental focus for the students but the assurance of making young and thriving students into great citizens is what is looked into with utmost attention. As a considerably well recognized institution it strives to sanction assistance in any way and ensure that every child away from home feels as welcome and comfortable as they would be at the hands of their parents.

Cathedral International Model United Nations

The Cathedral International Model United Natation’s motto has always been “Here for tomorrow”. These words themselves convey a deep underlaying meaning as to what CIMUN connotes.CIMUN, for the past 6 years has provided a platform for young ardent debaters to voice out their perspectives on subjects that are of global importance. The conference enables each individual participating to collectively, not only overcome his/her fear of public speaking but to also hone their skills of debating.

Since the inception of CIMUN in 2012, it has progressed, through the expansion of a new variety of notable committees that will be present this year. An approximate estimate of the number of 300 participants this year also goes to show how much CIMUN’s prominence has amplified. Taking an active part in CIMUN will guarantee an overall enlightened perspective towards the United Natation’s and help show the profound impact the United Natation has on each of our lives.

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