Creativity, ingenuity & innovation are the keys to success in the evolving global economy.

Students at Cathedral Vidya School are prepared to face the 21st Century with work life skills based on creative thinking. The ability to think unconventionally , question the herd, imagine new scenarios and produce astonishing works, is all developed through their student life.

At Cathedral Vidya School we teach students :

  • Capturing : Preserving new ideas
  • Challenging : Giving them tough real life problems to solve
  • Broadening : Boosting creativity by learning interesting new things
  • Surrounding : Associating with interesting and diverse people and cultures
  • Students learn how to imagine the unimaginable and hone their creative skills.
  • Debates, Dramatics, Visual Art, Music , Dance, Astronomy, Cooking, Sewing etc are all part of what is offered in the Creative space.
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