Graduating Classes

Over the past 8 years of its existence the Cathedral Vidya School, an affiliate of the Cathedral and John Cannon School, Mumbai which has been known for over a 160 years for its academic excellence, has had six batches graduate their IBDP, Mumbai, with great success. Graduating students have had multiple University Offers in their hand even before they complete the final IBDP examination which is held in the School, just a two hours’ drive from Mumbai. Our Graduating classes are placed in some of the top Universities across the globe after they have completed the Cathedral IBDP, Grade 12 examination. Students then join most colleges that have offered them an admission without having to take any other entrance exam. The Cathedral Vidya School is a registered SAT Centre and students wanting to take the IBDP, near Mumbai can register on pre announced dates and opt for the school as their SAT Centre. We are proud to present our Graduating classes in the Years they graduated their IBDP: Cathedral Vidya School is your alma mater and we will always welcome you!
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