Principal’s Welcome

Alvin Toffler in his book Future Shock had talked about man’s inability to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Perhaps, even he could not foresee the speed at which the world has become different in the last two decades. Not only has it shrunk; you can now watch events live from across the globe or send pictures of your birthday party to someone in the middle of African desert within seconds, you can actually feel an emerging world which is unrecognizable from its predecessor.

In this technological Brave New World we are confronted with the concept that tomorrow will be unrecognizable. If you have a child ready to step into school today you cannot predict the world he will step into twenty five years hence. Nor do the educators know; and for many years both parents and teachers have been trying to guess what is best for the children. So what do we prepare youngsters for? Perhaps, it is best to teach them to be different, to challenge knowledge itself, to think of the world as one, to celebrate its diversities, to be rooted in one’s own culture and values, to know one’s true identity, to be the dreamer that John Lennon was in Imagine. All this can only happen in a special kind of school. Welcome to the school for tomorrow. Welcome to CVSL which is the best International Residential School Pune.

Dr. Aninda Chatterji (Principal – CVSL)
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