Welcome delegates

I am honored to welcome all of you participating in CIMUN 2017. As the USG of Communications, I can promise you all, you won’t leave without making the best memories here. I hope this year’s MUN will be one of the biggest and the best MUNs we’ve had in this school. This year we have increased the number of committees from 5 to 7. There are many exciting events at this year’s CIMUN apart from the regular conference. I hope that my contribution to this year’s MUN will be a vital part of the reason for your enjoyment.

The problems that the world faces today are not ones that can be solved instantaneously, rather they are ones that exacerbate at an immeasurable pace. It seems that the human race has misinterpreted Einstein’s quote “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”, the mayhem created by the innumerable problems of our time has not only clouded our visions but has made us blind to the solutions.

A little about me and my team: I, Dhruv Rajpurohit will be the USG of this year’s CIMUN. I am currently in IB-2 and wish to pursue a career in Software and game Design. I love playing games if that’s one thing you didn’t assume while reading this. You can find me playing video games at any time of the day, given that I do not have any work at the moment. I know how to code games, design websites and also photoshop. I will be working along with my classmate and a dear friend of mine, Sambhav Jain, who has good skills in making videos and designing websites. The youngest in my team is Hrishit Jangra who is the master when it comes to photoshop.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the conference this year!.

Dhruv Rajpurohit

USG for Communications

CIMUN 2017

Dear Friends,

It is an honor to be able to welcome you to the sixth edition CIMUN which I hope will surpass the expectations of the best MUNs in the country. CIMUN 2017 is going to be the largest and the best CIMUN till date.

From the commencement of CIMUN in 2012, Lonavala has always been the destination for hundreds of students like you wishing to make a difference in the fall. At the inception of CIMUN we only hosted a few committees but as the years have rolled on, we have increased in size to a current number of 7. We are certain that every delegate who is willing totake part will definitely get to be a part of a committee that sparks their interest and allows them to discuss inspiring agendas as well as engage in enriching debates.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and we need to look at international issues with fresher perspectives. Debating at CIMUN regarding concerns in the changing world will help us understand the role of the United Nations in the contemporary world and also make us conscious of how profound the impacts of the United Nations are on our lives.

The administrative team at CVSL is working very hard to offer all delegates a very enriching MUN experience. Details of the programme, registration, and committees are available on the website. In case of any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you all soon.

Burhan Rangwala

USG for executive Affairs

CIMUN 2017

Dear Delegates,

Welcome once again to CIMUN 2017! There will be major scoopswith regards to agendas as well as delegates for aspiring young photographers and bright but slightly over worked reporters. However, there are a few changes made to the overall structure this year, do not worry, sometimes change is a good thing.

A little about myself- I’m Nupur Chatterji and I enjoy a variety of different things, such as writing and asking the questions that matter. I hope to learn new things from all of you as I hope that you will learn from me. Be prepared to face challenges at every turn, this time the expectations are through the roof.

This year we will have a feature blog where we will have the latest news from all the committees as well as the newest crisis, rivalries and information regarding which Bills got passed and which didn’t. We will also have aspecialnews room from where we will conduct fresh and never been seen interviews with delegates from all over.

Photographers will have special tasks, almost like the secret police, but with cameras who will try to capture moments that we can use during the interviews. This year our cartoonists will also have their creativity tested as they draw their interpretations of the committees.

All in all I hope CIMUN 2017 especially in respects to Public information, is an enjoyable and educational experiencewhere Public Information is sure to keep you on your toes! I look forward to working with all of you!

Nupur Chatterji

USG for Public information

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