Message from the secretary General

Dear Delegates,

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to the 6th annual session of the Cathedral International Model United Nations. The Cathedral International Model United Nations is a CVSL student led event to be held from the 22nd of September to the 24th of the same month. This year in its 6th session CIMUN will be crossing boundaries it has never crossed before, and you, the delegates, shall be the ones to witness and enjoy a newer, grander CIMUN.

Four years ago I was introduced to the concept of a simulated UN conference for students to engage in worldly affairs and rectify issues which challenge the existence of world peace. The UN, although it may be deemed by many as a failed organisation, has since its inception been an eminent peace keeper in the international scene as well as in many cases, the local scene. The UN plays an important role in our lives, whether we see it or not- ergo MUNs were started for students like you and me, to recognise the importance of the organisation and to understand the functioning of the same.

I proudly owe my enthusiasm about MUNs to my first MUN- which happens to be the second session of CIMUN. Since then My MUN career has soared through new heights and hasn’t looked back ever since. It is a pleasure to head the same MUN which had launched me into the world of public speaking,internationalism and diplomacy, and I assure that this year’s CIMUN will exceed the already high standards set by previous sessions of CIMUN.

I am glad to announce that CIMUN will be host to five UN committees as well as one external body. Whether you are a space geek, arms fanatic or a person like me who loves to engage in world trade policies and crises, CIMUN is the event you should keep your calendar reserved for. On the 22nd of September prepare to take the scenic drive to Lonavala, where for three days you would be stepping into the shoes of country leaders to “take the initiative and make the difference” and at night you would be partying away at the delegate ball hoping to create strong relations with other country representatives to aid you in moving forward your policies in committee sessions. I look forward to seeing you at CIMUN this fall!

Until then,

Keep Discovering,

Suraj Vijay Harjani

Secretary General

Cathedral International Model United Nations 2017

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