Welcome delegates of the United Nations Development Program. By choosing to be a part of thiscommittee, I hope to witness your active participation in all debates and the goals it stands for. Here, at the UNDP we try our level best to containthe world’s growing crises such as poverty, growing hunger, rapid climate changes andstrive to help coordinating humanitarian aid around the world. Being a delegate of this honorable committee you will have to reason with fellow diplomats on problems that shake the world and look for solutionswith collaborative effort.

My knowledge on this event has taught me that a model United Nations should be an unbiased approach to all suggestions, ideas and give opportunity to delegates that deserve it. My name is Abbas Khan and will be your chair for CIMUN 2017.I have experience both as a delegate as well as a co-chair and am known for making just decisions during committee sessions.

UNDP primarily holds discussions on the betterment of places in the world where there has been a crisis on the grounds of poverty, energy and economic status of the poor countries such as the BRICS or other countries with a low HDI value. As you all know, most of our funding comes from the global environment trust fund and this brings me to another integral part of the duties,which is environmental aid and security. People all around the world know that glaciers are melting and this is creating an irreversible climatic event.

At the UNDP we will look for feasible methods to save the earth form destroying itself. I hope all delegates have a productive and engagingtime in this committee, have healthy competition and hope to make a mark on the world.

Abbas Khan

Chair of UNDP

CIMUN 2017


Agenda A : Discussing the restoration of water-related ecosystems.

Agenda B : Scheming a program for the enhancement of Humanitarian aid.

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