“Be focused and follow your dreams” says Aryan Gupta the Quondam Caption of Thomas House year 2014-2015.

Currently Aryan is Pursuing BBA at the Auro University –Surat, And also a marketing intern at TEDX Surat.

Aryan Gupta a Surat based boy, who lived in a joint family, was the very first child of the family who got a chance to experience life in a Residential School, shares a few memories and experiences of The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala.

“When I was done with my 7th Grade, my parents made up their mind to send me to a boarding school, we travelled to different Schools around the country, to find the best suitable schools. We went to places like Pune, Ooty and Dehradun but when I came to Cathedral Vidya School for the first time and interacted with the senior students, I felt the culture and the faculty would really help me shape my future The location was perfect and very aesthetic”, Says Aryan.

‘I was a part of Cathedral for 5 years from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Maan Shah, the Head Boy, with his leadership skills and Mr Satyajit who took up TOK sessions really influenced me’.

Some of Aryans experience & takeaways at The Cathedral Vidya School, as shared by him are:

‘When I joined Cathedral Vidya School I had stage fear I was afraid to talk in front of a crowd. But my friends, the faculty and everyone helped me improve my Communication skills. I gained confidence and as the years passed I was elected as the Thomas House Captain. It would have been unimaginable before then.”

“Secondly, CIMUN 2015, an Annual event that Cathedral Vidya School, hosts, was one of the happiest memories with all my classmates. The reviews were great and we made our faculty proud’.

Aryan looks forward to his own startup and in the next 10 years and sees himself as a successful entrepreneur and hopes his startup will become a huge Corporate.

Aryan’s advise to Graduating students –“Wherever you go, the learning and experience from Cathedral Vidya School will help you to stand out from the crowd. Be focused and follow your dreams”.

Good advice that, from our very young budding Entrepreneur…… We at Cathedral Vidya School shall be following you closely and know that when you dream, dream big …. And be prepared to realize those larger than life dreams ……. Cheers to the spirit of Aryan Gupta!

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