Four Houses

The house system at Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala (Residential School Mumbai) is of great importance to school life. Its function is to encourage healthy competition within school and to give all the girls and boys the opportunity to participate in representative sport, music and other activities. It aims to promote the school ethos of raising self-esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork, beyond those already available within school. It also fosters a sense of belongingness and a supportive interaction with boys and girls from other year levels.

Each house is unique for their own strengths and talents. The four houses have been named after successful school headmasters and governors of Cathedral and John Connon School.

The house system unites the different grade levels under one banner and the students participate for their house in activities, such as the athletics, swimming Sports, carnivals, etc. There is keen, but good-natured rivalry between the four Houses to see who will win the coveted house shield each year. Students accumulate points from the various sporting and cultural competitions that are held throughout the year. The house shield is awarded at the Annual Sports Day to the House who acquires maximum points throughout the year as a result of their participation in these activities.

Thomas House

House Motto : “Through perseverance greatness is achieved”

Thomas House is a tribute to our present Chairman Mr. T Thomas.

Previously known as Barham, the Thomas House got its name from the founder of our school, Mr. T. Thomas. Thomasites believe in putting their best into everything, irrespective of the outcome. Known for their ability to excel onstage, they always insist on putting up a fight to the finish at every single inter-house event, be it cultural or athletic.

Wilson House

House Motto : “With hard work you reach the stars”

Wilson House is a tribute to our former Chairman Mr. P Wilson

The Wilsonites very devotedly keep up to their motto ‘Per Ardua As Astra’ which means ‘Shooting for the Stars’ which will most definitely lead us to our 4th Cock House Trophy in a row in the school’s five years. The Wilsonites famous for their ‘last minute performance’ have done an excellent job in the recent inter house dance competition with a 40 point lead. Hoping for the same enthusiasm and zeal in the up-coming events.

Savage House

House Motto : “He who deserves is victorious”

Savage House is a tribute to our former Head-master Mr. T A .Savage

Leading the score board and keeping up with our motto “Palman Qui Meruit Ferat” (He who deserves is victorious) the house performs all its inter-house activities and performances with great dedication and enthusiasm. The house always strives to excel in every event they participate in, keeping in mind the importance of being united and to never give up. For years, the green flag of Savage House has been known to stir up fiery spirit, determination, enthusiasm and dormant talent. Savageites are known for their remarkable ability to excel both on the field and on stage. This year the Savageites have proved themselves by winning the SPORT SHIELD while the annual sports meet 2012-2013 and have stood second while the inter house dance competition.

Palmer House

House Motto : “Never despair”

Palmer House is a tribute to our former Bishop of Cathedral Bishop Palmer

Palmer House has maintained its title of being the most cheerful house. Despite being the smallest in number compared to the other houses, the house spirit endorsed by each Palmerite is unmatched. Yellow means much more than just a colour to every Palmerite, it is a part of them. This house not only invokes our sense of competition, but also our sense of belonging and sportsmanship.We truly live up to our housemotto which is Nil Desperandum which means Never Despair. Irrespective of the position, condition or even opposition, we all just go on the field or stage and give the best we have in us. This collective spirit that makes all us Palmerites one united force is our proudest asset.

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