Conference Logistics

  • The delegates can be from Grades 9 to 12.
  • Individual schools should provide the committee and country preference for each of their delegate. However, the right to assign both the committee and country will remain with the CIMUN executive board.
  • All delegates must register through a school or MUN centre.
  • The registration fee per person is INR 3500, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, two social evenings and stationary for the duration of the three-day conference. Hotel accommodation (triple occupancy) can be opted for with an extra charge of INR 2000 (total registration fee including accommodation will be INR 5500).


CIMUN’s vision is to empower young minds and make every delegate a future leader. We hope to use a local setting to improve the young’s global perspective and to inculcate in students a global mind-set in order to make them more aware of the role and significance of the UN in the continuously globalizing era we live in. CIMUN is a completely student-run enterprise and since its inception it has only soared through new heights and we hope that it serves as an inspiration for many more students to lead such events in the future.

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