Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the International Police. I’m Kashish Dewnani and I will be your director for the weekend. I’m an avid reader and writer with a passion for swimming, philosophy and science. I will be chairing alongside Ronak Tanna, who will be your Assistant Director. He is an avid debater and an enthusiastic footballer. It is our pleasure to be chairing this committee and we promise you an enriching debate with intense discussions.

For you to represent your respective country in the best possible way, it is important that delegates understand the foreign policies of their respective countries and appreciate how diplomatic efforts can contribute to a political settlement. Delegates will be expected to strictly uphold the interests of their nations and not only contribute ideas but also present effective strategies to deal with our agendas. Our aim in the council would be to urge you, the delegates to put your best foot forward.

We hope that Interpol is a realistic UN experience for all of us.

Director of Interpol

Kashish Dewnani


Agenda A : Averting Global catastrophe arising from Cyber Terrorism.

Agenda B : Combating crimes related to the manufacturing and sale of illicit drugs

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