Kundan Singh Class of 2016 : “The starting point of all achievement is desire”

Kundan Singh, a native of Kolkata, now at the Lovely Professional University Punjab Perusing B.DES (Product & Industrial Design.)

He has done more than 6 interior design projects in the first year itself, he works online as a freelancer on graphic designing and is working towards his own Startup.

Kundan Singh is also one of the first students of the Cathedral Vidya School.

He was in Cathedral for 8 years and has learnt a lot from his seniors, they have always inspired him to raise the bar for himself in whatever he did.

After completing his IB Diploma Program and leaving School, Kundan misses Cathedral and all the late night talks with friends and inter house matches held here at School.

In School, his leadership qualities got him to be elected as the House Prefect for Wilson house. He also took part in district level competitions for table tennis & basketball.

He is currently designing the 10 years of Cathedral logo for our DECADE celebration coming up in 2018 ! Can we be luckier than that?

Kundan’s advise to Graduating students:

Enjoy your school days, study but spend time with the ones close to you too because in college you really have to work hard In comparison to school, so make memories & enjoy school life

We at Cathedral Vidya School shall be following you closely Follow your passion, live your dream and be prepared to work hard !! Stay blessed Kundan.

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