“The only person you should compete with is you!”

Tehseen Contractor from Lonavala, was studying in the #bestboardingschoolPune from 2012 to 2018 currently pursuing Medicine at The University of Leeds.

As an opportunity to explore the field she would soon be entering and to feed her passion in medicine, she has been shadowing doctors who believe it is important to learn about being a doctor before deciding to becoming one.

Tehseen was a day boarder at the Cathedral Vidya School in Lonavala; these are the wings that helped her journey from Lonavala to Leeds.

Tehseen was born and raised in Lonavala and today is at the threshold of her ambition making her dreams come true. Tehseen will always cherish the beautiful experiences she has had here and she extends her immense gratitude to all her teachers at the Cathedral Vidya School. They were her mentors and their prompt support and guidance in the informal study environment is the secret to her excellence.

The Cathedral Vidya School, has given her the perfect ambience and environment for a holistic learning and has groomed her academic, sports, music and life skills as a day boarder.

Of the many privileges Tehseen cherishes is being the Director General of CIMUN 2017 and the first day boarder who became the Head Girl.

“As Tehseen quoted: “CVSL is a school which has groomed my personality and helped me become open minded. I had the chance to interact with a wide variety of people from all over the world. The endless public speaking and steady inter house events kept me motivated and focussed on winning and being the best I could possibly be.”

“I enjoyed being a day boarder especially because I could study and pursue my passion in sports and music and also participate in other co-curricular events all within the campus.”

“I also learnt to play the violin and got certified by the Trinity College London. It was an amazing experience to represent CVSL at the National Level IBSO [International Board Schools Sports Organisation] in Basketball. I can’t stop counting my joyous times and nostalgic moments here…. “

Tehseen’s advice to the students will be ….

Don’t worry too much about getting perfect grades when you are studying for a test, instead focus on understanding. But when you are in the exam room, all your focus should be on translating that understanding into perfect grades.

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