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Hi, am Nathakorn Sheowatana, from Thailand, fondly known as Dell. I study in Grade 7 at The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala. It was a big decision initially to join CVSL in India. Am very happy that my parents gave me the opportunity to study here. I have the chance to speak in English more often and improve my writing skills in English. On the Book Character Day, I was the first to perform on stage, from Grade 7 and I am so happy to take home the 1st prize for the best performance. This is a special gift am taking home, especially for my Mum; this monsoon vacation. Our Teachers and dorm parents are always there to guide me. I feel very confident towards my academics and personal care. I have made a lot of new friends here. I admire their kindness and helpful nature. We exchange a lot of cultural and traditional values. My friends teach me Hindi, while I teach them Thai language. The stories my friends share about their home, family and childhood are very interesting. I enjoy the food served at CVSL, especially the chicken menu. Am surely going to miss the butter chicken, chicken lollipop and gulab jamun on my vacations.
Phanasorn Srisayam from Thailand studying in Grade 9 at The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala. My first two weeks here I spent understanding how to get along with the rules and regulations and following the routine. Initially, I was afraid of meeting students in India, I had so many questions in my head but since I got familiar with my classmates; Learning to live the Life at CVSL had become so much fun. Within a month I made friends not only from my class but from the other grades as well. I found everyone treating me with a lot of kindness and without their help it wouldn’t have been easy. All our teachers and friends took a lot of patience initially to understand my accent and teach me so many new things here. I love to wear my uniform, it is so comfortable and easy to maintain. My dorm parent taught me to look after myself and my belongings, especially hygienic habits and keeping my room tidy. Badminton is my favorite sport here. The food is very good here, I enjoy eating a lot of vegetarian food here. Before CVSL I used to eat only meat but I learnt to enjoy my salads and vegetables, along with the delicious Thai food prepared for us. I feel so good here, I don’t want to go back because I will miss the steady routine and the delicious food. I enjoy the paneer, gulab jamun and poha which was something very new for me. The ease of communicating with my parents, calling them and speaking to them often doesn’t make me feel homesick and I am able to enjoy my schooling here in India. We get our laptops with internet connection, daily during research time. I enjoy keeping in touch with my family and friends. I have so much to share with everyone back home. The most special cultural etiquette I appreciate here is; when all the students touch their teacher’s and elder’s feet as a sign of respect, to seek their blessings and to express gratitude. I enjoy my routine and academics at school with all my teachers and friends, they have made me feel at home. Along with my academics, I have also enjoyed the cultural exchange when we share our tuck and language. I have learnt Hindi, I enjoy speaking in Hindi when I need to and I taught my friends some Thai. We greet each other in Thai, when we meet. This monsoon break I am taking home a lot of cherished memories of warm friendships and a responsible child to my parents. I thank The Cathedral Vidya School, for helping me become so independent in looking after myself.
Mr. Abdul Rasheed & Mrs. Nasreen Shaikh from Navi Mumbai – India, parents of Dawood Junaid who joined CVSL in Grade 9. Our son Junaid has shown a lot of improvement and we are very happy that we sent our son to the International Boarding School near Mumbai. Junaid has become very responsible and shows a lot of maturity and understanding after he joined CVSL. We are very happy that he enjoys a steady routine and a healthy lifestyle. Junaid understands and implements time management & laundry management, efficiently. We are very happy that our son has learnt to look after himself independently and can now socialize maturely. His chubby appearance and lack of fitness was our concern for a long time. Within a few months, he was smart and fit. Junaid enjoys playing the variety of sports offered at CVSL in his daily routine; especially swimming and badminton. Junaid is now studying his subjects of preference in IGCSE. His approach towards his academics is very spontaneous and confident. We are very happy that we enrolled him into the IGCSE program at The Cathedral Vidya School. We appreciate that along with the non-conventional approach towards academics and the freedom to make a lot of choices, this school also nurtures the student’s traditional values and ethics. Now, when Junaid comes home, he asks me to cook the gravy like it’s at school! He enjoys the meals here, it’s a multi-cuisine dining – room. Juniad is looked upto as a role model for his younger cousins at home. They love to sit around him and listen to his endless conversations about the events, activities, the pleasant climate and academic research etc. We are grateful to the school which is looking after our son and the teachers who are nurturing our child’s individuality so well.
I am so happy to have admitted Yuvraj in the best school I could think of, with excellent teaching faculty, who provide an international edge to the academics and over all development. We are very happy with the facilities provided to the students in terms of food, residence, and an overall well-being. My son enjoys the sports facilities provided at The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala. In the last few years I cherish watching Yuvraj grow so well. I am comforted that he is looked after, just like at home even at school. So many positive changes to begin with but his self – confidence is what I appreciate the most amongst his performances in Art, swimming, fitness and being health conscious. Yuvraj enjoys the food served at CVSL especially the Thai and Italian cuisine.
Khush started his academic journey at Cathedral Vidya School in Grade 7 in the year 2016. Since then Khush has developed and grown in to a confident child. We are very happy to see the way he manages his time and focuses on his studies independently. Khush is a lot more active than before he joined CVSL. We cherish his achievements and progress in art. Khush interacts with his peers and very confidently and knows exactly what he wants. We are very happy with the way Khush is growing at The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala.  
Vatsal has improved a lot beyond my expectations. I feel very proud of him when I see that he manages his studies and looks after himself so well. I appreciate the personality development, healthy routine and discipline which is imbibed into the students, here. Vatsal, off late enjoys playing squash and badminton a lot. The teachers and pastoral care – dorm parents are very supportive and are excellent, in the way they look after the students. My son Vatsal is very fond of all his teachers and friends here. He has become very conscious about his responsibilities towards the family and is already assisting me with a lot of ideas and encouragement for my business. I take great pride in introducing Vatsal to my acquaintances and friends. The maturity with which he interacts with everyone, impels them to ask and for me to proudly say that he is a student at THE CATHEDRAL VIDYA SCHOOL LONAVALA.  
Hi, I am Amitoj Sethi and my son Anay has been a part of the CVSL family here in Lonavala for more than four years now. We always wanted our son to be a part of a residential schooling facility and we went to various boarding schools across India along with Anay to help him decide on the school that he should join. What appealed to us about CVSL was not just the proximity to our home in Pune but also the open and nurturing culture at the school. We got a very positive vibe from all the teachers and support staff with whom we interacted with during our school visits before confirming the admission. Also as we would be able to meet Anay every week end and that helped ease the pain both for Anay moving out of his home as well as for us as parents to not have Anay at home with us. After some teething issues in the first couple of weeks, Anay started settling in well and we too saw a gradual change in Anay’s personality and confidence levels. When Anay came back home after his first year at CVSL, he was a changed person. We got very positive comments from all the family members, relatives and friends. This helped reinforce our belief that the time in a residential school would benefit Anay. One of the key attractions for Anay at CVSL was the music center with it’s excellent teachers, however when this was discontinued after a year or so, we were wondering if Anay would request to come back home and continue his studies in a day school. The staff understood his pain and helped him develop interest in Sports and other co-curricular activities like Debate and Dancing and encouraged him to take on positions of responsibility like that of the house prefect. This multi faceted exposure helped Anay become a strong willed but compassionate person, who is forever questioning the system, but with an intention to help change it for the better. What has been absolutely wonderful about CVSL is the family environment that they have managed to created in a boarding school. They have helped Anay follow his passions by supporting him in his non academic activities like YouTubing. Anay has his own channel on YouTube and has over a 1,000 subscribers. He writes, composes and sings his own songs and also scripts, directs and acts in videos for his YouTube channel. Anay has filmed a short movie at CVSL with teachers and students acting in the film and the film won accolades at the National Science Festival in Mumbai and been appreciated by seniors in the film making fraternity for his creativity and dedication to the art and believe him to have a bright future ahead, should he choose to pursue this passion and make it his calling. CVSL has supported Anay in his passion and has also let him start a YouTubers club at CVSL to encourage other students to explore their creative side. I would like to thank each and every one at CVSL for their contribution in Anay’s journey thus far and am certain that CVSL will continue to create many more multi faceted individuals, like Anay, in the coming years as they seem to have perfected the art of spotting talent early and grooming it to it’s true potential across academic as well as non-academic platforms.
The CVSL has a perfect blend of academics, sports and co curricular activities. The students get all first hand experience through their quarterly changing clubs. Best is they get a chance to fail to rise to a new horizon. Students are Not only smart but polite too. There is subtle discipline at school which gives you an old rooted feeling in current times. Wishing them good luck always to shape the life of many children they have shouldered responsibility of!!!
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