Greetings, delegates! Welcome to Cathedral International Model United Nations, 2017.

The United Nations Security Council in the edition of the Cathedral International Model United Nations will be a Continuous Crisis Committee (CCC).

The United Nations Security Council is known to be the executive organ of the United Nations since its inception. It has been engaged in a diverse range of agendas and crises over the years of its existence. The United Nations Security Council’s primary objective is to maintain international peace and security.

A Continuous Crisis Committee is one which has no predefined agenda. It could be an emergency meeting to attend to a pressing issue which may threaten international peace and security. Delegates will be updated regularly on the issue(s). It is, in plain terms, a committee which will have an on-the-spot agenda.

Delegates will be required to discuss the situation at hand and come up with solutions to counter the problem. It is up to the delegates how they cause the committee to flow.

Being a very sensitive committee, the expectations from the delegates will certainly be high. Delegates will have to be very attentive and analytical and must have a good understanding of the current affairs of the world.

It will be the United Nations Security Council, as a committee, that would lay groundwork for eradicating the issues that threaten peace.

My name is Shivam Gandhi and I will be chairing your committee. I am passionate about politics and law both in India and the international community. I would recommend that you use the study guide only to build your research on it. Other than that, I expect the committee to be enjoyable and to be an unforgettable experience for you!

Good luck for your conference!

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