A Philosophy of Care

Rather than regarding boarding as separating students from their families, we (International Boarding Schools in Pune) prefer to see it as parents allowing us to share a bond with students. Home will always remain the most important place in students’ lives and their parents the most important people. We work together with parents and keep in regular contact with them to ensure students have the opportunity to flourish.

What is Well-being at Cathedral?

Well-being at Cathedral is about looking after students so they can lead fulfilling and balanced lives at school and beyond; it is about showing students how to look after themselves and others; it is about encouraging them to seek help or support or advice when they need it and it is about helping them to be ready to become fully fledged adults who are comfortable in their own skins when they leave school. This underpins personal development; where there is outstanding pastoral care and students feel they belong and their self-esteem is able to grow because they feel valued.

Well-being at Cathedral begins with an underlying ethos of consideration and kindness and is promoted when the staff works collaboratively for the good of the students. If the ethos supports students’ personal and social development and where a culture of encouraging good behavior and taking on responsibility exists, students can be given the opportunity to develop self-confidence (not arrogance), to learn to keep things in perspective and to be resilient.

Who Cares?

All staff has a role in supporting students; indeed we share the responsibility for ensuring students are safe and that their welfare is promoted. Key figures with specific responsibility for student well-being are Head of Well-being and their House teams, tutors and domestic staff. Medical Staff and teachers play a significant role too as do many other staff. The students are fortunate to have a dedicated team of supporters looking out for the welfare.

Where to Seek Help?

Our aim is that all students will have a choice of members of staff to go to when they need advice or guidance. No one should feel completely alone. When a member of staff needs advice on how to give a student well-being support, the first person to speak to is the Head of Well-being.

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