Interpol Security Council Joint Continuous Crisis Committee (ISCJCCC)

Unlike every other beginning of committee sessions, ISCJCCC originated from two individual committee bodies : United Nations Security Council and International Police Organisation. Having not been discussed previously amongst either committees it was a complete shocker for the delegates to acknowledge the collaboration of both UN bodies. The announcement of this collaboration was rather abrupt as the chair of Interpol, as well as UNSC, bombarded each others committee quoting “ There has been an emergency.” The delegates were alarmingly terrified.

Approaching their agendas through the crisis, ISCJCCC commences their discussion, beginning with their first update which was revolving around the US president, Donald Trump, and his statement in the UN regarding the nuclear deal in Iran being ‘very shaky’. It is said that it was the Iranian army that orchestrated a large scaled denial of service attack, infiltrating NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command). This is where the delegates begin raising their motions and taking forward the discussion to eradicate their crisis.

Having begun with the delegate of USA, the delegate claims that ‘this attack may leave USA vulnerable’ and open to taking severe actions against various countries. To this the delegate of Saudi Arabia declares that the country will be discontinuing their supply of oil to Iran, backfiring at Saudi Arabia, the delegate of Iran questions the foreign policies of the same. Although, the delegate of Japan agrees to send an army of hackers to USA in order to help during this cyber attack, and continues to inculcate a ‘beautiful bond’ between each other.

Secondly, the Cult of the Dead Cow- a cyber terrorist group strikes back through a failed counter attack, the breach being small scaled and no official documents leaked. To this update the delegate of USA requests the Iranian government to put out an inquiry to investigate whether Iran was involved in this attack. The delegate of China retaliates by agreeing with USA to secure their cyber systems and the delegate supports by sending a cyber army to USA.

Coming forward with the third update, the delegates were surprised to know that the Cult were functioning with Russia as their host system for these hackings. The delegation of Russia, in their defence, claimed that “Iran has a weak cyber army” and that they shall hold an investigation in their country in order to prove that such an act was done in Russia.

Surprisingly, the delegate of Japan bursts out saying that the delegate “supports the Cult of the Dead Cow” as it was not a major attack. Upon Saudi Arabia’s request of collaboration with Japan, the delegate of Japan retorts by notoriously saying, “ Sure, if there are enough smart people.” To this the delegation of UK explodes saying “we’re here to solve problems” and not create more.

Coming forward with the fourth update it had been established that the Cult has released official Iranian documents proving evidence of drug trafficking in the country and the finances being associated to Mexican parties.This update resulted in a hilarious conversation amongst Saudi Arabia and Japan. Meanwhile the delegate of Italy confesses that the delegate is concerned that more systems can be hacked by Iranians.

The delegate of USA, in the special speakers list, raises an important point in which the delegate says that “the Iranian Government is not doing enough on their behalf”. The delegate also poses INTERPOL for investigation as to whether the government was involved in this attack by the Iranian activist group.

In the extremely amusing tattletales, the delegate of Japan and Saudi Arabia exchange their views concerning each others foreign policies. The delegate of Saudi Arabia “feels there has been an involvement of Japan in this attack” and that “the delegate of Japan is doing nothing but supporting the activist groups”. The delegate secondly claimed that the delegate of Japan shouldn’t “come up with a crisis” but instead, should solve one.

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