Every real life situation has a crisis. This year SOCHUM was introduced to its crisis last night during the “All White Affair”. All the delegates were busy having a gala time, until a slave from China ran away from Brazil. He explained – “There are 100 of us, all farmers forced to work. Help us!” All the delegates rushed to a corner to discuss the fracas of their committee. The delegate of China and Brazil were the most conflicted of all, as the whole crisis was focused on them. During the discussion,the delegate of Brazil apologized and assured that all the 100 slaves would be legally earning.

The next morning, during the formal committee session, a motion to start a SSL was passed. Countries like China, Brazil, France, and Canada came to the floor to address this particular issue.The delegate of China and Brazil were having an on and off debate, which made this crisis even more interesting.

The delegate of France gave a mind blowing speech to all the respected delegates about how they should all stick together and not criticize each other. Delegates like Columbia, China and Canada came up and also supported the views of France. The discussion came to a serious turn when the delegate of France put up the motion of a moderated caucus – “What measures can China take to prevent further problems in the future?” The delegate of China mentioned how other countries could also help them, by giving financial and medical aid. France gave an exceptional idea of how they could include Interpol in protecting the border and taking measures to stop the trafficking.

During the moderated caucus, the delegate of Afghanistan mentioned that “Brazil took all the people from China for slavery”, however this line wasn’t confirmed at all, as the source of this crisis is confidential. The chair denied Afghanistan’s assumption, and the delegate of Brazil was askedthe delegate of Afghanistan to apologize for this mistake. The delegate was asked to sing, but it wasn’t completed as the committee was in a very serious During another moderated caucus, the delegate of Sedan was targeted by the delegate of China, Pakistan and Canada. The delegate of Sedan mentioned earlier that they could provide shelter and financial aid to the victims; however the delegate was questioned back. Questions like “How do you assume that all the victims would be safe there?”, “How do you know that you’re country is financially aided?” and “Why would the victims want to come to Sedan for shelter?” kept flowing in which made the delegate speechless.

Coming forward to the second update, the delegates were surprised to know that the government of China was funding the trafficking and Brazil even knew about it. China and Brazil lied? It’s said that the motive for China was to decrease their population. All the delegates were more upset that surprised. They didn’t know whom to trust anymore.

The delegate of China came to the floor and mentioned that they were lying to human trafficking chains to stop all of this. The delegate of France was so furious by this statement that she proved China wrong by this point – “How can we trust China and Brazil when they are betraying both, us and the human trafficking chains?” The delegate even mentioned that – “How can we trust China when they are saying that the chains will not take any action after getting betrayed?”

Most of the delegates wanted China and Brazil out, but Australia wanted to give them another chance. The committee continued with a very serious discussion with China getting targeted all the time. Things moved on to many moderated caucus’s which focused on how to resolve this issue.

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