“Superfluous” nature of ISCJCCC

The delegate of Saudi Arabia commenced the committee session by questioning the delegate of Iran to ‘do something’, the delegate claimed that ‘the delegate of Iran has been sitting here as if it’s a playground’, which was deemed true.

As soon as the special speakers list began the delegate of Japan stated that “ the united states of America is overrated and that the delegate of Canada is resting in the infirmary due to the overwhelming pressure of the infiltration of the NORAD system”. Japan also displayed its support by saying “Donal Trump doesn’t have any smart people so why don’t we lend some to the USA?” The delegation of Russian Federation extended legal hackers as help to the USA in identifying who conducted the cyber attack.

The delegate of USA requested for an unmoderated caucus to examine and form the working paper, and this paper contained a resolution for the crisis discussed in the earlier committee sessions.However, adding a twist to this stressful session, the chair decided to enter as the delegate of Somalia apologising for not being present in the prior session.Although, upon his entrance the frowns on the delegates’ faces flipped, the delegates remained skeptical yet shocked that their own chair could pull off something notorious like this. Almost every single delegate voted against his presence, by hassling the chairs with points of orders and parliamentary inquiries.

The delegate of Somalia undertook this challenge and asserted his own points like, the clauses 4&7 of working paper 1.1 which was talking about implementing counter measures against the terrorist attack and basically forcing (bullying) Canada to help them. The delegate of Somalia kept pointing out incorrect points within the working paper, mentioning over and over that this paper is “superfluous”, He Violated many CIMUN procedures in the process, like speaking for 19 minutes and using a laptop in a formal debate. All of these objections was over-ruled by the chairs discretion. The now-angered committee members were raising points of order and parliamentary inquiry left and right, causing chaos to spread. The delegate of Somalia was especially very ‘vocal’ about his opinions on the delegate of Saudi Arabia. Saying statements like “Its ironic that Saudi Arabia is talking about state funded terrorism considering its accusations”.

The delegate kept ‘firing shots’ at the committee members, replying to one of the delegates opinions with “Delegate you are stupid, pack your bags and go HOME” and while replying to Japan on accusations of his country being poor “My countrymen are poor but they have much better standards”. After his speech was over he was rebuked through the delegate of Saudi Arabia with questions such as ‘how is the delegate of Somalia allowed to have a laptop and where is his position paper?’ This kept on going on until he ended it with a point of parliamentary inquiry “Saudi Arabia’s points are invalid since in my opinion he is ‘hurting’ on the inside. To which he received no response.

The delegate of Somalia left, claiming that he had to talk to the head of Somalia. He walks back in as the chair of the committee raising double the points of order’s. The most noticeable one being the delegate of Netherlands saying “what is the chairs power exactly” after receiving a reply he reluctantly sat down, murmuring “the chair rules the world”. The delegation of the Russian federation heard and repeated it back on order of the chair. The delegate of Netherlands got barred from the committee until the next break which was, conveniently, in 15 minutes.

Lastly, USA mentions that he cannot keep protecting his citizens if NORAD is down and he requests aid from other countries, and the committee was left engrossed in the pressure of the failing “superfluous” working paper.

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