UNDC Day 2

UNDC started with nothing unusual, a motion for the moderated caucus was raised by the delegate of Pakistan for how countries that possess nuclear weapons pose a threat to other countries which includes mainly the p5 and the countries which are not a part of the NPT. Later the committee discusses whether countries should be allowed to leave the NPT with a month notice and most of the countries agreed on this, USA mentions that unstable countries like DPRK shouldn’t be allowed to leave the NPT and also calls their supreme leader a ‘retard’, to this DPRK retaliates saying that the president of the USA (Donald Trump) banned all Muslims from his country and isn’t in the right state of mind.

Crisis stricken UNDC battled with USA’s withdrawal without formal consent whilst the USA’s threat of DPRK nuclear attacks hung in the air. It was later made clear that the cause for withdrawal was the DPRK. USA played a very important role in the crisis as it talked about no source to prove that those missiles were headed towards them. If DPRK nullify threat and the missile, then the US would consider signing the NPT again. The US mentioned use of peaceful diplomacy against DPRK and that there would be no retaliation against the DPRK. They were also asked to sign a treaty that they won’t test outside DPRK territory or international waters. If found threatened USA will launch anti-ballistic systems as well as nukes if radioactive substances are found. The partial test ban treaty should be signed by DPRF. Furthermore, the two projectiles launched by the USA will be put on hold, however if crisis if averted USA will sign NPT within 14 days. More news from the DPRK is as follows; USA should pay 1.5 billion dollar fine within 4 months and the next project that they undertake the DPRK and UNO should be informed and the UNSC should approve without USA veto. The altercation taking place between USA, Pakistan, DPRK and Russia consisted of multiple crisis, such as USA’s threat and the talk of the hydrogen bomb.

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