UNDP – CI-MUN 2017

The world right now is in a big turmoil. This article on the UNDP (United Nations Development program) committee in CI-MUN 2017, will be addressing specific issues like the methods on restoring water related eco-systems. The committee started off quite slow. With the normal procedure being followed and Agenda A being raised, “Discussing measures towards restorations of water related ecosystems”. Most of the delegates immediately added their names to the General Speakers List.

USA headed off the formal debate with a discussion about the northern america water pact with Canada and how it has helped to save water. The use of personal pronouns has been noted amongst every speaker in the committee. Many of the speakers spoke about their countries stance on the water crisis, the delegate of Australia found it hard to speak since it was only concerned with its own policies. There was a call for help from a developing countries like Libya. Including brazil, which considers itself a developing country; pointed out that it isn’t ashamed to be one.

The committee continues debate with moderated caucus’s. The first one being “should nations allow MNC’s (Multi national companies) to destroy their own wetlands was passed by the USA. The committee continued at a slow rate moving on with barely any noticeable points made by the delegates.

Until the first ‘good job’ was awarded in the form of a chocolate. When the delegate of Argentina accused india of its people being stupid and senseless. India rebuts with, “Indian people are not stupid, they use different types of water separately. The river water is used to bathe and the filtered water is used for consumption.” This continues in the form of chit’s which got to the point where the delegate of india physically hit the delegate of Argentina resulting in a warning ‘bar’ from the chair.

The delegate of Ghana follows with accusing china and Argentina for having senseless people. The committee was then went on to become inactive with no interesting debates being made, to the point where the delegate of Finland had sent a chit across asking for a motion of entertainment.

Austria again speaks under the moderate caucus ‘should governments apply new tech to conserve wetlands’. The delegate proceeds to accuse ‘developing countries’ (read: India) of not having the proper resources required to develop the technology. The committee’s session came to an even higher standstill when the chair said ‘ The chair will highly smile upon a motion to start an un-moderated caucus”.

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