The united nations Disarmament commission(UNDC) is a specialized deliberative body mandated to consider and submit concrete recommendations on specific disarmament issues and to follow up the relevant decisisons and recommendations of the tenth Special session.

Since 1978, the Disarmament commission has managed various demobilization related inquiries, both atomic and regular, and has submitted rules and standards on different subject things, including rules for suitable sorts of certainty building measures, guidelines and suggestions for local ways to deal with demilitarization inside the setting of worldwide security, and rules and proposals for target data on military issues.

The 2 agendas of the committee are:

AGENDA A: “Regulations on the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by extremist groups.”

AGENDA B: “Reviewing of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty(NPT)”

The committee began with Agenda B and further proceeded with the General speaker’s list (GSL). The delegates dove into the many loopholes that the NPT is trying to tackle. While debating upon the loopholes of the NPT, Pakistan imposes that DPRK left the NPT in 2003. This highlights the major loophole being the entry- exit barrier, which is a month notice, because of this, countries can leave the NPT and abuse their nuclear artillery. Therefore, the NPT will have no grounds to stop them, making them a failed peace keeping organ. According to the NPT, only the P5 are allowed to keep nuclear weapons for non-peaceful weapons, however most countries are against this.

USA accused DPRK of leaving the NPT in order to make the world’s first and largest hydrogen bomb, to which DPRK claims in their defence that it was made for defence purposes.

The non – signatories of the NPT can prove to be dangerous at any point of time as they possess nuclear weapons and the NPT has no hold over them. These countries are like players playing a game without rules. China agreed with USA’s claim against countries like DPRK, India and Pakistan, however DPRK backed themselves up by saying that they had signed the “No First Use Treaty” and only had nuclear weapons for defence of their country.

There were many abnormalities that were pointed out. One being the delegate of Bangladesh believes his country can use WMD’s for peaceful purposes. Moreover, Syria believes that they can eradicate extremist groups. Day 1 turned to be very eventful for UNDC although there are directives hanging in the clear. At the end of the day it was a fun, eccentric and festive experience for the committee.

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